eLeader Shelf Recognition wins Best in Cloud Computerworld 2020 contest

We are very pleased to announce that eLeader Shelf Recognition AI – a solution for automatic analysis of products, merchandising standards, and prices – received an award in the Computerworld Best in Cloud 2020 contest as the best “Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning Cloud Solutions”.

eLeader Shelf Recognition AI is designed for companies selling through sales representatives and merchandisers. It is based on mechanisms of deep machine learning. On the basis of the photos taken in the shops, the software analyses the display and provides results to adjust the scenarios of the salesman’s tasks during his visit. This means that the representative does not have to constantly look at the planogram or, in some cases, decide to return to the office to analyze the data collected to implement the changes during next visit.

We encourage you to check all solutions offered by eLeader as well as to find out more about this year’s edition of Best in Cloud.

Jolanta Kozak