Puls Biznesu: “Productive24 revolutionizes an IT market”

Have you ever wondered how to reduce costs and speed up the implementation process of custom-made IT systems? Answers to these and other questions can be found in the article published today in “Puls Biznesu”.

By automating the process of business software creation, Productive24 changes the rules of the game in the software supplier market. The article published today in ‘’Puls Biznesu”; presents a number of business benefits that can be obtained by companies thanks to our platform – starting with a significant decrease in IT system development costs, through making the delivery time shorter and ending with extremely easy implementation and future modifications.

Paweł Więsek (Business Development Manager) and Małgorzata Rząd-Poźniak (Growth Strategist) from Productive24 have spoken about the business model and competitive advantages of Productive24.

More in the article: “Productive24 revolutionizes the IT market”.

Jolanta Kozak