MITSloan Management Review Poland: Shop shelf under the AI supervision

“Nowadays, various activities related to the proper store display are supported by innovative tools. One of them is a Polish application – eLeader Shelf Recognition AI (. . . )”

MITSloan Management Review Poland published an article in which Paulina Kostro describes how artificial intelligence helps merchants to perform their daily tasks.

What can be found inside?

  • The most important information about the use of artificial intelligence in the analysis of shelf exposure based on the example of our eLeader Shelf Recognition AI solution.
  • Questions that may help to decide whether to implement this type of solution or not.
  • Some interesting facts Walmart chain of stores and their decision to use image recognition with the aid of robots!

In this article, you will also be able to find some interesting comments of our colleagues from the eLeader team: Paweł Majsiej and Bartek Łaciński.

More information available under the link.

We wish you a pleasant reading!

Jolanta Kozak