In the ARRA Group, the HR department is responsible for the digitalisation of the entire organisation

Mrs Katarzyna Bochanysz from ARRA Group’s HR department, in a conversation with Paweł Więsek from Productive24 talked about the challenges related to human resources management and how to overcome them with the use of technology.

ARRA Group is a global logistics operator specialising in the transport of medicines and pharmaceutical products. The company, which serves customers throughout Europe, has just launched a major digital transformation project based on the Productive24 platform.

Effective and efficient internal communication, the inclusion of employees in the life of the company and the organisation of work in the HR department are the three most important areas for the digitalisation of HR processes mentioned by the interviewee. Productive24 provided the flexibility to adapt to the specific needs of the organisation, and furthermore, in the face of the COVID-19 pandemic, equipped the team with solutions enabling remote working.

It turned out very quickly that transferring HR processes to Productive24 was just the beginning – Katarzyna Bochanysz, ARRA Group

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Iwona Mirosław