Productive24 wins IDG Computerworld contest

We are proud to announce that right next to the eLeader Shelf Recognition solution awarded by Computerworld, Productive24 platform also won the “Best in Cloud” competition organized by IDG Computerworld in the “Best start-up” category.

Productive24 enables the construction of sophisticated multi-platform, multilingual, cloud-based IT systems without the participation of programmers. The programming automation applied in Productive24 solves the problems of prolonged, costly IT system development and staff shortages within the industry. The solutions can be fully customized and adjusted to the specific requirements of organizations.

Digitization of business processes by means of Productive24 ensures control over any processes in an organization (accountability, task execution, a simple delegation of responsibilities in a structured process) – both in the context of easy addition of new features and in the context of global data security and authorization management.

If you want to learn more about the platform please visit Productive24.

Jolanta Kozak