The official premiere of the HRM by Productive24

“Currently, companies including both SMEs and Large ones, are under the huge pressure on having a right, complex system to manage its internal processes and the most important resources. There are not many IT system providers who are able to deliver a system that will satisfy companies’ needs at affordable prices. Productive24 can easily feel that gap.” – Paweł Gołubiak, the Head of Business Productvie24.

HRM Productive24 is more than a typical tool, created to manage human resources and human capital within the organization. It is an elastic and modern platform, that can easily adjust to the needs of each client and organize its processes on the highest level.

Employee e-files, e-recruitment process, friendly and effective onboarding, leave management, training management… and much, much more functionalities available.

You can find more information about the system in our recent article: “HR moves to a higher level” and on our main page HRM Productive24.

Jolanta Kozak