And the winner is… Finanteq!

It was a very successful trip and a culmination of many years of our work – at the Finovate conference in New York, Finanteq garnered The Best of Show award. Also called the fintech Oscar, the award was granted for Superwallet – a mobile banking application expanded with an m-commerce platform.

Superwallet received great acclaim for its innovative approach in offering value added services to standard mobile banking solutions to bank customers.

The sale of such banking products as loans or mortgages to the bank’s client takes place relatively rarely, which is why building close relations with clients is not easy. On the other hand, we deal with payments for everyday shopping and services regularly, but the bank does not take part in the customer’s decision process. The payments secured by the bank are at the very end of the purchasing process. Our aim is to move the bank from the end of the value chain to its front and advance customer relations to a higher level.

Dobromir Piekarski, CEO & Co-Founder eLeader and Finanteq

Previously, the award Best of Show went, among others, to the Polish mBank for a new version of its transaction service that was made available to the bank’s clients in 2013. You are kindly invited to watch Finanteq’s winning demonstration at Finovate.

About Finovate
At Finovate conferences in New York, London, San Francisco and Hongkong, financial institutions and fintechs from all over the world present their cutting-edge systems and applications in the area of payments and banking technology. Each of the presenters has only seven minutes to demonstrate their solution to the audience.

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