Workshops in Indonesia

During trips and workshops with our clients, we have an opportunity to see how businesses are run in most remote parts of the world.

It is easy to observe the differences between selling in Asia and in Europe. Can you imagine what it is like managing a group of 5,000 representatives in one shopping mall the size of Lublin Plaza where they only sell mobiles and tablets? The differences are immense and often difficult to comprehend by our European mind. For instance:

  • there are 5,000 people working in one shopping mall at a 1,000 stalls;
  • the stalls usually specialize in specific types of devices, surprisingly though in one aisle you can find ten Samsung stores which all sell identical devices at the same price (before haggling:)). As if all that weren’t enough, there are 300 such shops in one mall;
  • typically, there are three to ten salespeople working at one stall and their job is to “lure” the customers passing by and offer them devices of the brand they have been hired to promote. The difficulty of their work lies in the fact that a few meters away there are employees of other stalls doing exactly the same job (often even promoting products of the same brand);
  • the majority of sales take place at the weekend, when malls can be visited by as many as 40,000 customers.

Have a look at photos taken at a workshop with one of our key clients in Indonesia:


Katarzyna Kowalska